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The Mission of Hope Lutheran Church is “To Know Christ and to Make Christ Known." This short statement is at the heart of our ongoing expansion project. We desire to carry out Christ's Great Commission by reaching more people than ever and bringing them to faith in Christ.


In recent years, The Villages has seen incredible growth. This southward expansion has presented Hope with the opportunity to spread the Word of God and the message of Jesus Christ to new neighbors through the building of a third campus.


As we work toward our future Hope South Campus, we are engaging the southern community through worship at the Everglades Recreation Center, along with neighborhood groups and activities aimed at growing our presence in this new area.

Our Latest Update

Looking for the most recent information about the Hope South Campus building project? Check out this presentation from our Town Hall Meeting on November 15, 2023.

Brief History

of the Hope South Campus Building Project

  • In January 2023 the Church Council approved the AIA Architectural Contract for the Main Building complex with Dickerson Architects, Inc. of Leesburg, Florida.
  • In February 2023 the Application for Site Plan Approval (the master plan for all phases of the Hope South Campus) was filed with the City of Wildwood. This process also involves obtaining numerous permits, including water management, water main extension and environmental resource permits.
  • In May 2023 the Church Council reassessed the Hope South Campus building timeline and voted to move forward with finalizing plans for the Worship Center and to prioritize the building of the Worship Center before  the Activity Center.
  • On June 3-4, 2023 the Church Council conducted 4 Congregation Information Meetings involving all 3 Hope campuses to present an update on the Hope South Campus Building Project, including the revision to the Hope South Campus building timeline as decided at the May 2023 Council meeting. The slideshow presentation (Our Plan Forward) from this meeting is available through the link on the Hope South Campus Website.
  • On October 6, 2023, the Church Council conducted a Town Hall Meeting at Hope Central Campus where the following information was presented to the members of the congregation: (i) revised design plans for the Worship Center; (ii) the estimated costs of the Worship Center; and (iii) updated on the Matching Gift Challenge and the Capital Campaign.

The Strategic Planning Committee 

In August 2021, in anticipation of increased project activity, complexity, and involvement, the Church Council approved a new committee structure to supervise the Hope South Campus Building Project.

5 primary committees:


1) Publicity Committee

2) Finance Committee

3) Growth/Program Committee

4) Fundraising Committee

5) Design/Construction Committee


The Chair of each of these five committees comprise the Steering Committee which reports to the Executive Team. The Executive Team reports to Church Council.  All the committees in this new structure are now actively operating.

In addition, four subcommittees were formed to provide subject matter expertise. These subcommittees report to the Executive Team.


1) Worship/Music

2) Administrative/Education

3) Fellowship/Recreation

4) Outdoor/Maintenance

Capital Campaign Steering Committee


One of the most important aspects of the Hope South Campus Building Project is our ongoing Capital Campaign.


The Making Abundant Life Known Capital Campaign is led by a team of dedicated volunteers who manage all aspects of the campaign, including Inspiration, Response, Events, Information, and Lead Gifts.


On the left, you can see a breakdown of the Capital Campaign leadership. The teams use a "chain of command" system to allow for smoother communication between the Church Council, the office, the General Chairs, and the volunteer teams.

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