Project/Event Proposal

The purpose of this Project/Event Proposal is to help a person or group submit their ideas and intentions for upcoming projects. This form is designed to capture the purpose, desired outcome, and development plan for your project.  


In addition, this form will allow the office staff to objectively understand the request being submitted, the extent of need for this project, the potential impacts of this project, and the scope of support needed, including financial or program support. 


Click here if you prefer to download the Project/Event Proposal form. 

You can either enter the information below or submit a document with the requested information.

Location of event:

Is there a need for doors to be open or locked at a specific time?

If yes, please coordinate with the office. 

Are there any Audio Visual (A/V) or Technology needs?

If yes, please list specific needs

Are there any hospitality needs? (food/drink)

If yes, please coordinate with Chef Debbie.

Will a "love offering" be taken during the event?

If yes, please coordinate with the church office.  Office staff will show how to gain access to the offering boxes at the conclusion of the event. Also, the office will need to know if the “love offering” will be given to an individual or group at the conclusion of event or if the money is to go in the church offerings and a check is sent to the individual or group. 

Are any photocopies needed?

Will "online" registration be used for this event? 

* Please note: Our online registration system requires a minimum $5 charge for an event.  If you plan to require a fee, it must be $5 or more.

What is the maximum attendance for the event? (leave blank if no maximum)