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Newsletter Submission Guidelines

Thank you for submitting your article to News in the Pews! Before you submit your article, please read the follow guidelines.


  • Keep Content Short & Sweet – Articles should be no longer than 200 words, unless you are submitting a special report.
  • Check With Your Team Leader – All content submitted for groups or teams must be approved by your team leader or designated Communications person prior to submission.
  • Double Check – Please make sure all dates, times, and locations in your article are correct.
  • When To Expect It – Unless otherwise discussed, articles will typically run for two consecutive weeks. Stories, long articles, and Council Minutes will run for one week.
  • Think Ahead – Articles must be submitted at least one week in advance of publication. Please plan accordingly.
  • Special Reminder – We reserve the right to edit or change any and all content submitted for News in the Pews. All articles may be edited, changed, or removed by the Hope Communications Team at their discretion.

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