Prayer Team

The mission of the Hope Lutheran Church Prayer Ministry is to create an atmosphere for the people of Hope to bring before God the needs of the sick, our church, and the wider community using the precious gift of prayer. 


Love . . . Praise . . . Prayer . . . 

The Need

We see signs of prosperity and well-being all around. However, people are sick and suffering everywhere, in mind, body and spirit—in our church family, among non-member friends and families, and in widening circles to the ends of the earth. The Team responds with prayer for those listed on the weekly prayer lists, victims of natural disasters, world leaders, those serving in missions, our military, our church, and the wider community. When requests are received, team members are informed and prayer begins immediately. 


The Prayer Chain is a group of faithful Hope members who commit themselves to pray for those on the prayer list .

Who can join?

Anyone can join the team to adore our God, to confess sins, to offer prayers of thanks, and prayers of supplication—to ask for special intentions. No formal training is required, just a sincere desire to ask our Father God for help on behalf of those who need it. 

Contact Information:

Sara Lush (352)750-2321