My Time Caregiver Respite Team

My Time for Free Time Group Respite provides a supervised environment where caregivers can drop off family members with special needs from 1:00pm – 4:00pm Thursday afternoons each week. Caregivers are provided respite from their duties and special needs adults can participate in supervised recreational activities.  This service is open to the anyone in the community not just for members. 

The Need

Some Hope Lutheran Church members have special needs which may be the result of illness, injury, or cognitive impairment. Caring for special needs adults is often the full-time responsibility of family caregivers. Caregivers often need some free time from their responsibilities and special needs adults can benefit from opportunities to participate in supervised recreational activities in a safe environment. 

Who can join?

Volunteer with a willingness to serve and support this ministry. 

What's the time commitment?

Team members are not required to attend weekly but would ask to be present for the 3 hours when they are able to attend.

The Team leader may periodically call meetings as needed for one hour or less. 


Click on the play arrow below to hear Bob Janson, talk about this ministry. 

Contact Information:

Bob Janson (352) 391-0373