Lay Communion Visitation Team

Team members offer Communion and Rite of Healing to those who are convalesced or homebound. 


The Lay Communion Visitation Team supplements the ordained pastoral care ministers by providing home Communion and the Rite of Healing. 

The Need

This ministry serves individuals who are unable to attend church services, and wish to receive Communion and the Rite of Healing in their homes. The ordained pastoral care ministers and the lay ministers alternate weekends when they visit these homebound members. 

Who can join?

All service minded individuals are invited to consider this ministry. No previous experience is required—just a willingness to serve. Team members are trained in the Rites of Communion and Healing, and how to provide a mini-service guided by the Hope Lutheran Church Sending Liturgy for Distribution of Communion to those in Special Circumstances to homebound congregants. 

What's the time commitment?

Team members are asked to devote up to four hours per month to support this ministry. Also, team members meet annually at the Annual Spring Team meeting, when a training session is provided. 

Contact Information:

Sue Wiegand (352) 638-0264