Augsburg Confession Class Beginning in November

Pastor Bruce invites you to a 9-week class on Martin Luther's "Augsburg Confession" each Wednesday at 10:00 at Hope Central Campus from November 2 through December 28.


The Augsburg Confession is the central confessional document of all Lutherans, not just the ELCA. This class will dive deep into Luther's work and a discussion guide called "A Reading and Discussion Study of The Augsburg Confession." This book is published by Sola Publishing as part of their Book of Concord Series.


All participants are invited to purchase a discussion guide for this class for $5. To purchase, please contact the church office and express your interest in the book. We will order books as requested in mid-October, so sign up soon! Contact the church office at (352) 750-2321 to sign up. Questions? Email


You can also view the Augsburg Confession online for free by clicking the button below.