In order "to Know Christ and to Make Christ Known,” Hope Lutheran Church has always felt that adult education is one of the most important ways for us to “Know Christ.” Under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Dean Piper, the education program in the congregation was named H.O.P.E. University to Honor Our Priority to Education. Throughout H.O.P.E. University’s existence, Pr. Piper and various other pastors, deacons and guest speakers have taught classes on many topics, including Bible studies, prayer, Biblical archaeology, Christian Church history and the role of Christian perspectives on modern social issues. Our goal is to help members and friends grow in faith and knowledge of their Christian heritage. At least one course each year will focus on what it means to be Lutheran by examining Lutheran Confessions, the Small and/or Large Catechisms or other topics discussed by Martin Luther. 


Courses typically meet on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. Classes usually consist of instructor-led lecture, but can include presentation of material by DVD, time for group discussion and dialogue. Non-copyrighted material is LiveStreamed and available on our website either live at the time of presentation or later as an archived presentation. Please note that copyrighted material and many group discussions will not be recorded. Typically a topic is presented over the course of several weeks, although some topics only require one week. 


Our Fall Semester begins in September and runs through December, while our Spring Semester runs January through May. A syllabus for each semester will be published well in advance of classes beginning describing course content and naming instructors. Course information will also be available here on our website and in our newsletter. 



University Education Team. What do I need to do?

Anyone at Hope Lutheran Church can join the team and no previous experience is required. A strong interest in adult education is eagerly received. We do ask that team members be willing to do the following: 

  • Attend and participate in as many courses as possible and provide feedback about courses. 
  • Bring ideas for new course offerings to the team and their meeting twice a year (usually in October and in May). 
  • Assist (if needed) with set-up for classes 
  • Promote H.O.P.E. University and assist with public relations 
  • Assist with course orientation as needed. 


Contact Information

To join the education team, or to inquire further about H.O.P.E. University, please contact the dean, Rev. Bruce Dillman at (352) 750-2321 or email:

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