Bible Reading Challenge

H.O.P.E. University presents the Hope Lutheran Church Bible Challenge. This is an invitation for anyone who would like to read the Bible to join us. It is our hope that as you read the Bible with us this year you will develop the spiritual discipline that is daily reading and reflection on Scripture. Brothers and sisters, it is in reading and reflection that we can more readily grow in our knowledge of God. We hope that you might take the time to write your own reflections in a journal or even in your Bible. (Yes, it is ok to write, underline, highlight, etc. in your Bible. You have your Pastors’ permission.)


People have found that the daily practice of reading the Bible is life-giving. It reminds us of the story of God and our place in it. It reminds us that we are not alone in our struggles, nor are we the first to experience them. It shapes our hearts in ways that are best attributed to the Holy Spirit of God.


We hope that you will join us as we read one chapter of the Bible daily throughout the year. Don’t worry if you miss a day. If this is a new discipline for you, then it will take time and energy to develop it. To help everyone stay on track we have created a calendar that will list the chapters to read. It is never too late to join. It is never too late to pick it back up. We hope and pray you will invest in this discipline as we all seek to grow in our faith and draw ourselves closer to God. 


Our first readings for our Bible Reading Challenge is the Book of Isaiah a book that, in Christian tradition, is alluded to in the New Testament more than any other scripture. It is mentioned 46 times in the Gospels and at least 30 times in Paul’s letters, and another 30 times in Revelation. Early church fathers began referring to Isaiah as an evangelist rather than a prophet. Some even referred to this book as being the “5th Gospel”. Luther relied on this book in part for its proclamation regarding the eternal “word of God”. It has been seen most recently as a mandate for peace and justice. In fact, Chapters 40-66 are central to feminist theology because of the positive female imagery evoked.


Starting the week of May 22nd, there will appear a weekly meditation prepared by our pastors. The meditation or reflection for the week’s upcoming readings on our Bible Reading Challenge. Click on the button to the left of the Sunday for our readings for the upcoming week. 

 A pop-up box will appear with the text. The meditations may take any form as a reflection on the upcoming readings, a brief commentary, questions to consider, etc. The scope of the meditation is left to the creativity of each pastor. Enjoy these offerings.


If you have any questions, please contact Pastor John LeCain at