H.O.P.E. University Lenten Series: Acts Odyssey

Spring 2022


How did the Jesus movement grow from a few dozen frightened followers to a worldwide phenomenon in just a few decades - with no detailed strategy, no buildings, no budget, and every obstacle imaginable?


Acts Odyssey, using the book written by Rene Schlaepfer, will retrace the journeys of the apostles as told in the Book of Acts. As he visits ancient sites in Israel, Greece, Italy and several Aegean Islands, Rene meets with archaeological experts - and encounters modern thieves, rioting mobs, and nests of serpents. His adventures are enlightening, entertaining, and inspiring.


Your hope will be strengthened. Your vision will be increased. And you'll be convinced it can happen again.

 You can find the book available for purchase on your Amazon Kindle device. Simply search for ‘Acts Odyssey’ by Rene Schlaepfer.

If you have any questions  please contact Pastor John at PastorJohn@hope4all.church or (352)425-2776.