Thursday Mornings @ 11:00

Central Campus in room 203

You can also join via zoom.  

Prayer Study with Pastor John LeCain


Pastor John will be leading a study on prayer throughout the calendar year for Hope University beginning September 16 at 11:00 a.m. and will continue weekly. The study will be available in person and through Zoom participation and open to all who attend Hope. Pastor’s John’s is that all will meet for the lesson of the week or review a recording of the session. There will be several mini-studies throughout the year. Attendance for each is not required; however, the course is designed as a prayer pilgrimage for all. 

Our time in study will be spent as follows: 

  • An introduction to prayer, The Who, what and why of prayer. 4 weeks. 
  • The Lord's Prayer. A six-week study.  
  • Individual prayer practices: Breath prayer, a form we will use throughout the study; Body/Embodied prayer; Labyrinth walking; Imagination; Music; Benedict's Rule; Praying with beads including making of Prayer Beads. A seven week study. 
  • Contemplated prayer will be studied for the balance of the second term. This will be an in depth and building study from Breath prayer to Lectio Devina to Release prayer to Daily Examen to Icons and ultimately to Centering Prayer and Silence.  

Brothers and sisters, we need to be mindful of the Hope mission that always includes prayer. Remember we have the examples of Jesus praying throughout the gospel accounts, we have the gift of the Lord’s prayer from Him, and we have His request that we spread the ‘Good News' of the Gospel to others in and with prayer. We additionally have Paul's admonitions from his letters for us to pray unceasingly. Let's sincerely begin together! 


If you have any questions or are interested in joining the class, please contact Pastor John at or 352-425-2776.