Summer 2022 Course Schedule

Chair Yoga

with Maressa Smith

Date: Thursdays from July 7 to August 4

Time: 9:00am

Location: Hope Central Campus, rm 204


Is the body feeling stiff and sore? Yoga can help. Is the spirit feeling stiff and sore? God can help. No matter how stiff and sore or flexible and balanced you are, come as you are. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, come as you are. Find your Spirit soaring as you bring movement to your body. Join in for one hour of gentle, supported chair yoga. Come and join in as we stretch and breathe our way into a deeper connection with God.


Christian Mysticism

with Rev. John LeCain

Date: Thursdays from July 7 to August 11

Time: 11:00am

Location: Hope Central Campus, rm 203 and on Zoom


This course will explore the idea of Christian Mysticism, what it is and how we can become mystics today. The essence of mysticism is not a doctrine but a way of life that requires groups of persons to put its interests into effect. The idea that mysticism has principles that one can put into effect may be a little misleading, but in any case, the Christian mystical tradition is something that has been handed down, not simply to be talked about, but to be lived.


Heritage Series Summer 2022:

Your Church—Where We Came From & How Do We Do It

with Dave Withers

Date: Wednesdays from June 8 to July 13

Time: 6:30pm

Location: Hope Central Campus, rm 200


This 6-class course provides background information for members to enable them to understand our heritage, beliefs, and how we are organized to fulfill our mission. The course will share current information about Hope Lutheran Church as well as provide a solid background of our church history. The content includes the origins of the Old and New Testament, your Jewish heritage, the development of Christianity, and Lutherans around the world and here at Hope. The attendees’ backgrounds may include other denominations and we do not assume a strong Lutheran knowledge.


Each class will include a short pre-reading assignment to help facilitate the class discussions. 

In the Dust of the Rabbi

with Rev. Patricia Bromberek

Date: Sundays from July 10 to August 7

Time: 1:00pm

Location: Everglades Rec Center


Faith From A Distance. Do you ever feel like you are a follower of Jesus from a distance? “Follow the rabbi, drink in his words, and be covered with the dust of his feet,” says the ancient Jewish proverb. In Jesus’ day, disciples followed the rabbi so closely that they would be covered with the dust kicked up by the Rabbi’s feet. Come, discover how you can get dusty and be closer to your Rabbi, Jesus, by doing what he does. This course will involve five episodes on DVD plus discussion.

Little Discussed Women of the Bible

with Rev. John LeCain

Date: Wednesdays from July 6 to August 10

Time: 10:00am

Location: Hope Central Campus, rm 203 and on Zoom


The Bible is so much more than a dry compilation of genealogies, prophesies, and laws. It is the story of the most important relationship in the world; the one between God and His people. We know how the men fit into the story of salvation, but what of the women? What do those stories tell us about God’s love and our own response to Him? We will discuss and investigate this topic by studying some women, including the Mothers of Moses, Rahab, Deborah, Ruth, and Mary Magdalene.


Stretch and Pray

with Deacon Suzanne Kuebler

Session 1

Date: Tuesdays from July 5 to July 26

Time: 1:00pm

Location:  Hope Lake Weir Campus Sanctuary

Session 2

Date: Thursdays from July 7 to July 28

Time: 1:00pm

Location: Hope Central Campus, rm 204


Deacon Suzanne will lead us in the development of a daily discipline for spiritual and physical wellness developed by Rev. Murray D Finck. Rev. Finck understands the life of the Spirit, and these devotional exercises are bound to help you live closer to God. While on a pilgrimage trek through Thailand, Rev. Finck discovered the benefits of daily stretching and quiet prayer.


On the physical level, after only one week, the chronic back pain that had plagued him for 20 years disappeared. On a spiritual level, the poses deepened his prayer experiences.

Contact Information

To inquire further about H.O.P.E. University, please contact the Director of Christian Education, Pastor John LeCain at (352)425-2776 or email: