Fall 2023 Course Schedule

Some classes require books. All books are available for $5.00 through the church office or hope4all.church/give. If paying by check, please indicate H.O.P.E. U Book on the memo line. If paying online, please select Hope University and note H.O.P.E. U Book in the Note area. You may also purchase the book on Amazon for your Kindle device.

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Bible Study at Hope Lake Weir Campus

With: Pastor John LeCain

When: Tuesdays

Time: 3:00pm to 4:30pm

Location: Hope Lake Weir Campus

Bible needed.


Following our study of the books of Exodus and Leviticus, we will begin a study of Acts. This study is part lecture, and part conversation. While weekly attendance is suggested, it is not required. Feel free to join our journey through the bible as we follow the story of the interaction between the creator and man in today’s world. Come when you can and are able.

Tai Chi

With: Donna Fox

When: Wednesdays

Time: 2:30pm to 3:30pm

Location: Hope Central Campus Small Fellowship Hall

Donna Fox, a certified Dr. Lam Tai Chi instructor, who is affiliated with our church on many levels and a member of LOCC, is teaching Tai Chi. Donna will be teaching this discipline and offering it with a Christian perspective. If you need help with balance and body movement, this is a fantastic and proven discipline for you.

The Power of the Holy Spirit's Names

With: Linda Susens

When: Wednesdays - October 11 to November 8

Time: 3:00pm to 4:30pm

Location: Hope Central Campus Room 203

Book available.


The Holy Spirit plays the incredible role of empowering both the individual believer and corporeal Church – and as you study this all-inspiring identity of the Trinity's third member, you gain a clearer understanding of our omnipotent Triune God. The workbook and DVD lead you on an in-depth exploration of the spirits characteristics, duties, and mission among mankind.

Chair Yoga

With: Maressa Smith

When: Tuesdays & Thursdays

Time: 9:00am

Location: Hope Central Campus Room 204

Is the body feeling stiff and sore? Yoga can help. Is the spirit feeling stiff and sore? God can help. No matter how stiff and sore or flexible and balanced you are, come as you are. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, come as you are. Join in for one hour of gentle, supported chair yoga. Come and join in as we stretch and breathe our way into a deeper connection with God. Class size 12 per session.

How to Read the Bible

With: Pastor John LeCain 

When: Wednesdays - September 6 to September 13

Time: 10:00am to 11:30am

Location: Hope Central Campus Room 203

Bring Bible. Zoom available.


For all practical purposes, reading is the foundation of all learning. Someone said, "if you could read you can learn anything." It has been my observation that unless a person has the regular habit of reading the Bible they will never develop a regular study habit. In fact, it is usually the consistent practice of reading the scriptures. This course we will discuss multiple aspects of the topic, "how to read the Bible." Join us!

Evangelical Lutheran Worship

With: Pastor Bruce Dillman 

When: Wednesdays - November 22 to December 20

Time: 10:00am to 11:30am

Location: Hope Central Campus Room 203

Zoom available.


This is the beginning of a 3-year journey and study on Lutheran Worship that Pastor Bruce will lead in the Fall and Sprig semesters. This Fall will be based on Volume 1 and is title “The Assembly on Sunday: Foundational Reflections."

Desert Fathers & Mothers

With: Pastor John LeCain 

When: Thursdays - September 28 to November 16

Time: 11:00am to 12:30pm

Location: Southern Villages-Area Rec Center TBD

Zoom available. Bible Needed.


In the 3rd to 6th century desert landscape of Egypt, Syria, Palestine, and Arabia, a powerful movement was happening. The center of this movement was in Egypt; by the year 400 CE Egypt was the land of monks experimenting with a variety of forms of monasticism including the solitary life of the hermit.


The spiritual seekers came to be known as the desert fathers and mothers who had withdrawn from a society where the misuse of human relationships, power, and material possessions red counter to their sense of the sacredness of life. We will look at the sayings of these hermits.

Chasing David

With: Pastor John LeCain 

When: Wednesdays - September 27 to November 15

Time: 10:00am to 11:30am

Location: Hope Central Campus Room 203

Zoom available. Book available at Hope Central Campus or ebook “Chasing David” by Rene Schlaepfer.


King David is in the Bible more than anyone but Jesus. His story is packed with battles and betrayals, triumph and tragedy. But who was he really? Chasing David is an 8-week series in 1 & 2 Samuel to discover the real David – and find courage and insight to face life’s battles.

Heritage Fall Series - Your Church: Where We Came From & How We Do It

With: Dave Withers

When: Wednesdays - September 6 to October 18

Time: 2:30pm

Location: Hope Central Campus Room 200

This 7-class course provides background information to enable you to understand our heritage, beliefs, and how we are organized to fulfill our mission. The course will share current information about Hope Lutheran Church as well as provide a solid background of our church history. We do not assume a strong Lutheran knowledge. Each class will include a short pre-reading assignment to help facilitate the class discussions.

Contact Information

To inquire further about H.O.P.E. University, please contact the Director of Christian Education, Pastor John LeCain at (352) 425-2776 or email: pastorjohn@hope4all.church